A Century of Development History of Sunglasses

From the 20th century to the 21st century, the style of sunglasses has changed several times, but it is undeniable that sunglasses are still one of the most popular fashion accessories nowadays.



In 1913, Sir William Crox invented lenses that block red and ultraviolet rays, creating contemporary sunglasses. At that time, most of sunglasses we could find are round metal frames.1910s sunglasses


In 1936, Ray Ban invented aviator sunglasses with polarized lenses, which allowed US Air Force pilots to resist glare. These sunglasses has a feature of double nose bridges and large lenses. They came out in 1937 and are still popular today.1930s


After the 1950s, women began to wear cat-eye sunglasses. The popularity of these sunglasses is due to the preference of actresses including Marilyn Monroe. Today, cat-eye sunglasses are still very popular among girls.1950s


In the 1970s, Jacqueline Kennedy received widespread attention for appearing in public with oversized sunglasses. Then oversized sunglasses became popular, especially the rectangular and round oversized sunglasses became fashionable for a while.1970s


In 1982, Ray Ban's placement of Wayfarers sunglasses ads in movies and TV shows was quite effective. After the advent of movies such as "Risky Business", the sales of Wayfarers rose from 18,000 in 1981 to 1.5 million in 1986.1980s


After the 1990s, sunglasses with colored lenses and metal frames became popular. Unlike previous decades, small frames are more popular.1990s


After 2000, sunglasses with large round lenses became a trend, and the frame design was thicker and more fancy. Sunglasses will do some fancy decorative designs on the frames.2000s


Beginning in 2010, the combination of cat-eye sunglasses and colored lenses has brought a new twist to the fashion industry, recreating its former glory. Compared with the past, the cat's eye shape is smaller and the geometric elements are stronger.2010s

Among all the developments, which pair and type are your favorite? Comment to let us know!


Original Source: Weishuo Fashion


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