Are You Moving Away from Consumerism Recently?

Some fashion bloggers and influencers may still concern about what's the most stylish and recent trend, but to be honest, the pandemic has shifted the predicted trend this year. This change is not only happening in fashion field but almost all the industries.


We can easily find it is hard to see any shows about eyewear industry to take place. For the passed years, we can go exhibitions and shows to know the latest trends of eyewear fashion, but for these two years, we go no where.


Though all the facts happened, it doesn't mean that nothing happens in eyewear trend. We can still remember the vintage styles on trend last year. All the things are still move on though it's slower than before. New collections from Jim Halo will still coming out each month while some brands' new-in launch have been reduced. We even make an update of our designs this year to give our fans more unique choices.


Yep, we know that there will be less choice for consumers since brands may have concerns. However, some of consumers may also be more conservative in consumption than before. In such a circumstance, many of consumers may purchase a high quality needed products instead of their consumerism before.


For eyewear trends, we can find people are more like to choose glasses in simplicity and metal frames. Because of the situation, more people have to stay at home and work at home. This in degree increase the time of using eyes. So this may cause the problems, like eye strain, headache. In this way, some simple and clean frames will be favored by them. They need prescription glasses or blue light glasses to protect their eyes better. Jim Halo also introduces a new series of "LIGHTER" at our shop this year, hoping to give you a better digital using experience and block the harmful light for you. If you're interested at stylish blue light glasses, you can click here to visit and find yours. 

Round Blue Light Glasses | Payton

Round Blue Light Glasses | Payton

Polygon Metal Eyeglasses | Bononia

Polygon Metal Eyeglasses | Bononia


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