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Dependency on computers is increasing with time, in fact today a large amount of people spend long hours on computers. This increased usage of computer causes it to be mandatory to take a few precautions and one such important precaution is wearing computer glasses blue light Glasses.

What Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Blue Light Blocking Glasses are eyewear that have anti-reflective lenses. These lenses block harmful radiations and reduce glare thereby enhancing vision and focus while working on a computer.

These glasses are usually prescribed to reduce the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). So these glasses also called Computer Glasses.

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What is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)?

CVS describes a group of symptoms like eye strain, dry eyes, headache, blurred vision caused by prolonged computer use. These symptoms appear because the eyes and brain react differently to words on a display screen than they do to printed text.
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Whereas, should the person is over the age of 40, the problem could possibly be as a result of onset of Presbyopia- a vision disorder in which the eye loses its capability to concentrate on nearby objects.

The question that comes to mind is, how are these glasses not the same as regular eyeglasses?

Distinction between computer glasses and regular eyeglasses:

Regular eyeglasses are prescription glasses designed to improve vision. They make things, text and also photos appear clearer. These glasses are typically not coated with anti-reflective coating and thus they do not protect eyes from harmful radiations brought on by computers.

Computer glasses at the same time come with anti-reflective lenses and so they reduce radiations coming from gadgets like computers. These glasses also alleviate CVS symptoms and protect eyestrain and headache caused because of prolonged working on computers.

These glasses can be worn by anyone belonging to any age group and do not possess any side effects on the eyes. People with corrective vision can ask their optician for anti-reflective coating on their lenses.

Besides radiations from computers, these glasses also eliminate glare/reflection caused from water, snow as well as other flat surfaces. By reducing these glares, they enhance driving, biking as well as other outdoor experiences. So those with perfect vision who prefer outdoor activities more than computers or any gadgets can also opt for these glasses.

JH-BlueCare® Lens

Jim Halo offers glasses equipped with JH-BlueCare® Lens, a patented blue light blocking lens that filters the harmful blue light emitted from computer, phone, and tablet screens without limiting harmless natural light. Patented by Jim Halo and produced by a leading lens manufacturer, the JH-BlueCare® Lens utilizes the same blue light blocking technology as leading brands in the market today, but at just 30% of the price. At, just $10 will get you a pair of state-of-the-art blue light filtering glasses.



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