The Best Frames To Pair With Ugly Sweaters

The Best Frames To Pair With Ugly Sweaters

Yep, it’s that time of year. Ugly sweater parties are in full swing, and we’re on board. But while we’re all for those crazy, festive knits, a rather important question comes to mind: Will my current glasses frames clash with my carefully curated ugly sweater vibe? To put your ugly sweater styling woes at ease, we’ve got the solution for you. This holiday season, sport translucent frames, like the two Jim Halo models featured below.

 Translucent frames are a great way to make a statement while keeping a neutral color palette. And all joking aside, while of course we endorse pairing them with any of your loud Christmas sweaters this winter, this styling advice is applicable to your wardrobe throughout the year. If you like making statements through colorful and pattern-filled clothing, go with a translucent or neutral pair of frames that will always accentuate your bold style without clashing with your varying color palettes and patterns.

 Jingle on!


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