Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work? My Jim Halo Brand Review

Do blue light glasses really work? Or are they just a marketing ploy? Keep reading for my Jim Halo brand review where I talk about my experience with blue light glasses and highlight some of my fave styles from Jim Halo.

While working my first full-time job out of college, I had a lot of tragic realizations. First off, I spent two hours a day on the subway. Second, by the time I got home I was way too tired to do anything. Third, after staring intently at my laptop for 8 hours a day (it was a “working lunch” culture), my eyes f-ing hurt. 

The crazy thing is, eventually my eyes stopped hurting, which was almost worse because it meant that my eyes grew accustomed to staring at the blue light emanating from my laptop (and probably my phone) for so long.

Luckily, I’ve been able to cut down slightly on my blue light usage, or at least take lunch breaks. However, I do notice that some days my eyes are more sensitive (or just burnt out) than others, and that’s when I call in my blue light glasses. I should probably preventively wear them every day—legit putting mine on as I type this—but I often forget unless I’m just looking for some fashion eyewear to add some pizzaz to my outfit.

I’m not alone. In fact, the sales of blue light glasses have more than doubled during the pandemic, according to NPR. This is because most of us are probably staring at screens more than ever (although TBH, I feel like my blue light consumption has stayed relatively the same). 

I’ve tried blue light glasses from a multitude of brands, and the latest brand I’ve tried is Jim Halo. They offer lots of fun blue light glasses styles, and trendy sunglasses as well.

Cat Eye Blue Light Glasses | Sandra, $39

What I Got: 

Cat Eye Blue Light Glasses | Sandra, $39

Polygon Metal Eye Glasses | Bononia, $49

I chose the “Sandra” glasses for a classic cat eye look, and the Bononia glasses in gold for a more modern and delicate vibe. 

Admittedly, I tend to reach for my blue light glasses for style rather than utility, so the look of my blue light glasses is super important to me. If they’re cute, I’ll wear them more.

I find myself rocking the Sandra glasses more often because they’re super comfy, so I try to remind myself to wear them while working or even before bed while I’m scrolling on my phone (because blue light exposure before bed makes it harder to fall asleep!) They also kinda make me feel like a pin-up girl from the 50’s or a sexy secretary, which is an added bonus.

In terms of the actual blue light protection, I do notice a difference when I wear these glasses. Weirdly, sometimes the eye issues I have manifest in the morning rather than after prolonged exposure. I just wake up feeling like the light from my phone or computer is too bright—kind of like a blue light hangover? So, when I wake up with a headache, I pop these glasses on and they do make it feel easier for me to look at a screen.

Some other fun Blue Light styles from Jim Halo: 

Acetate Glasses | Antipolis, $49

I personally love the clear lenses for a subtle look, and I feel like they’re flattering on everyone. Plus, they’ll match with everything! 

Rectangle Blue Light Glasses | Bobby, $49

These come in yellow frames with blue temples (apparently that’s what the straps on a pair of glasses are called), if you’re looking for something funky. If you have to wear a boring uniform for work, these can be a fun way to show some personality. Or, if you’re wearing pajamas while working from home, they’ll make you look more official. 

Cat-Eye Eyeglasses | Beryl – JH, $39

Whoever said glasses were nerdy clearly never saw these. Take a cat eye and make it more modern + edgy, and you’ll get these cool-girl glasses. The purple ones are extra fun, but you also can’t go wrong with black and gold. I picture these with a slicked back high pony and something sleek + chic. 

But wait, do blue light glasses really work?

A study by Dr. Mark Rosenfield at the College of Optometry at State University of New York found that the feeling of tired eyes that can’t handle anymore screens isn’t actually from the blue light, it’s from the way we’re using (and abusing) screens. Most of us would probably feel relief from these issues if we just took more breaks from our screens. And no, I don’t mean taking a break from work on your computer to scroll TikTok. I mean actually doing something where you’re not looking at any kind of screen.

What the blue light glasses can be good for is preventing disruption of your bodies’ light cycle. I mentioned this earlier: taking in blue light before bed can make your body think it’s not time to sleep yet.

In terms of blue light’s effect on our bodies and if glasses help or not, it’s still kind of difficult to say. The high-rate at which we absorb artificial blue light each day is new, and while a 2018 study found that this blue light may cause future damage, there isn’t quite enough research to really know. 

Unfortunately, many of us like to catch up on texts, Instagram posts, or Tinder before we shut our eyes for the night, so you might want to try keeping your blue light glasses by your bed and wearing them while you doom-scroll yourself to sleep. 

The Bottom Line:

While it’s uncertain how much blue light glasses may prevent eye damage, they definitely won’t hurt! I personally like to wear blue light glasses for the accessory and styling benefits, and if they help my eyes in the process, that’s an added bonus! 


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