From Dropout of School to Founder of Apple - Steve Jobs

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We'll know the brand Apple, but how many do you know about its founder Steve Jobs?


Steve Jobs was given up by his biological parents and was adopted by his later parents. He's a smart boy but he's always alone since the classmates didn't like him. He didn't like the regular learning process at school. That's him.Steve Jobs -Apple

After graduating from high school, he used to attend classes at Reed College. But he soon dropped out. He was struggling to survive at that time and he had no place for sleep. So he slept on the floor in his friend's room. He had a very broad mind and even spent time backpacking in India. This is a precious and inspiring journey in his life.


Steve Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak founded Apple soon and invented their first computer. However, the sales were frustrating and Steve was pushed out from Apple. With the development of Microsoft, Apple was almost bankrupt. Therefore, Steve rejoined Apple with his new idea which saved Apple and created a legend of Apple company.


The story of Steve Jobs is inspiring. He's not a lucky guy when he's born and he suffered from a lot of rejection and fire. But he's still on his way to work hard and create new things to make his dream come true. How about you? Most of us are luckier than him and do we set up our goal clearly and how to proceed?


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