How Does "Mad Men" Jon Hamm Succeed?

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Born in 1971, Jon Hamm is a famous American actor, especially for the role in Mad Men. Thanks to this role, he won Golden Globe Awards as well as Emmy Awards for Best Actor in Drama Nominations. However, all his early experiences and failures and determination to overcome failures made him achieve success.Jon Hamm

Moved to Los Angeles in 1995, Hamm started his acting career with a mobile phone and 150 dollars. He lived in a room with four ideal actors and worked as a waiter while auditioning.


Because of his mature appearance, he was unable to participate in some dramas focusing on the youth market. Three years later, he was given up by his manager because he could not get involved in any acting job. But Hamm wasn't discouraged and continued to stay in Los Angeles as a waiter. After many failures, he set "Succeed before his 30th birthday" as the bottom line of staying in Hollywood, he indicates:


"You can only choose between 'endurance and find another manager' and 'give up and go home'. Going back home is the final end. I don't want to be like those middle-aged actors who can't figure out the reality, and refuse to work harder, so I give myself a five-year deadline. I said to myself, if I have not succeeded by the age of 30, then I must have gone to the wrong field. And when I start thinking like this, my career becomes more smoothly."


In 2000, Hamm finally won the role as a romantic firefighter, Burt Ridley, in the NBC series "Providence". He successfully extended the plot from one episode to 19 episodes, which helped him to leave the ranks of waiters. In addition, he also joined the movie "We Were Warriors ", which happened to be shot when he was thirty years old.

We Were Warriors

We Were Warriors

Hamm made a breakthrough of his career when he won the role in "Mad Men". He defeated more than 80 candidates in the auditionand won the opportunity to play the leading actor. "Mad Men" is set in a fictitious advertising company in the 1960s in the United States, and Hamm plays the company's creative director Don Draper. "Mad Men" premiered on July 19, 2007, and attracted approximately 1.4 million viewers.  Soon this masterpiece attracted a loyal audience, and both the script and Hamm's performance won strong support and high praise. The critics of "USA Today" praised Hamm's performance and pointed out that he had a very good understanding of Don Draper. The film critics of The Boston Globe directly praised Hamm as an "excellent protagonist." For his outstanding performance, he won the 2007 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series.

Mad Men

Mad Men

Mad Men

The story of Hamm goes to show us what people can achieve when they never give up on their dreams and desires.

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