How To Fit Sunglasses

How-to: Sunglass Fit + Measurement

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If there’s one thing we know, it’s sunglasses. We also know that every face is different. Why does this matter? Well, the perfect pair of sunnies for you might be another person’s nightmare. The way sunglasses fit a face is hardly ever discussed, but in fact, a wrong fit is the number one reason for returns. Let's dive in...

What do we recommend?

It’s always best to walk into a sunglasses shop and spend the time to try on different pairs for the best fit. Many times, a specialist will be able to make adjustments immediately to a pair you like.

If you can’t find time to get to a store, shopping online is the quicker and more convenient alternative. We currently have over 700 sunglasses in our online catalog, and that number multiplies when you factor in lens and frame color options. It can be overwhelming for anyone to find their next perfect pair, so we’re sharing some tips to ensure you’re pleased with your sunglasses purchase.

What kind of face do I have?

Personal style + face shape are the two top factors in determining what sunglasses you’ll love. Let's tackle face shape for a moment. Most people can fall into four face shape categories: round, oval, heart, and square. An easy way to see what face shape you have is to take a selfie. Either trace or focus on the outline of your head; what do you see? Here's a little graphic we created to explain...

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