No One Can Stop Her Dream of Singing - - - "Queen of Country Pop" Shania Twain

Life is all about achieving goals.
Find your passion and live for yourself.


Eilleen "Shania" Twain, a Canadian singer, has sold more than 100 million records. She's the best-selling female singer in the country music field and wins the title of the "Queen of Country Pop".

Shania Twain

Before she became "Shania Twain", her life was greatly suffered. Her parents got divorced at an early age and there was little money for her family. There was sometimes violence between her mother and her stepfather. Because of lack of money, so she can't pursue her dream of singing.


When Twain's eight, she began singing at bars to reduce the financial stress of her family. Though she disliked singing on those bars, she thought it's also a good way to improve her performance in music. Soon she wrote her songs " "Just Like the Storybooks" and  "Is Love a Rose". And she indicated that creating is different from performing, and she believed creating is becoming more important.


In June 1983, Twain graduated from Timmins High and she hoped to expand her horizons in music. She then got to know country singer Mary Bailey and moved to her home to practice her singing.

Twain and Mary Bailey

Photo with Mary Bailey and friends

A cruel blow happened in her 20s - her parents both died in an accident. Thus, she had to take responsibility for her younger brothers and sisters.

To make a living, she got a singing job and she didn't lose her dream of being a singer all the time. She insisted on writing and creating songs. She finally got her first break, though she didn't give rise to a heated social response, she's ‘on the way’ after all. (She indicated that the meaning of her name Shania is on the way)


Twain gained her fame with her album, The Woman in Me (1995) after she working with her later husband Robert John "Mutt" Lange ( a producer). This album sold more than 20 million copies. Two years later, Come On Over (1997), her third studio album became the  best-selling album of female singers and also the best-selling country album. At that time, over 40 million copies were sold worldwide and won four Grammy Awards for Twain. Then in 2002, her fourth studio album, Up! (2002) emerged and sold more than 20 million copies in the world.

The Woman in Me (1995)

The Woman in Me (1995) 


Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?

Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?{from The Woman in Me (1995) }

Up! (2002)

Up! (2002)

Having suffered from constant blows, she finally achieved her dream and became a famous singer. Hardships are powers to be succeed. Someone find hardships are obstacles while someone regard them as motivations. That's HALO in her life and that's what she taught us.


Insist will make sense.
Find the HALO in your deep heart, it will guide you to where you belong to.



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