Shades Our Favorite Movie Characters Would Wear

Famous Frames: Shades Our Favorite Movie Characters Would Wear

Need a little inspiration for your next set of shades? The cinema has long been an influencer of opinions on everything from politics, to cultures, to music trends, and - of course - fashion choices. So where better to look than the big screen for some inspiration for a new edgy look? So we’ve compiled a list of five fun frame styles that our favorite movie characters would sport.


Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada 

As the fierce and fearless editor of Runway magazine, Miranda Priestly (portrayed to perfection by acting goddess Meryl Streep) knows fashion trends before anyone has heard of them. She’s bold with her style choices and confident in her opinion and chic taste. Miranda may wear Prada, but our Jim Halo frames have all the glam without the hit to the wallet.

Miranda Priestly

Jim Halo Avila Shades 

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Raoul Duke, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas

 Speaking of bold looks, what’s bolder than a psychedelic dark comedy? Based on the Hunter S. Thompson book of the same name, this cult classic stars Johnny Depp as Raoul Duke, a kooky journalist on a series of crazy escapades. Raoul would not hesitate to sport these colorful shades. Would you? If red isn’t your bright color of choice, choose from 86 other color schemes for these customizable frames.

Raoul Duke

Jim Halo Arelate-S Shades 

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The Bride aka Black Mamba, Kill Bill

 If you’re a fan of Quinten Tarrantino, then you know The Bride (code name Black Mamba) and her attire well. Played by Uma Thurman, this kickass lady sports gold sunglasses not much different than the frames featured here. Nothing like cool, gold shades to bring out your inner vengeful assassin.

 Kill Bill

Jim Halo Bayonne-S Shades 

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Neo, The Matrix 

Let’s take a trip back to 1999 when we first met Neo and discovered that our world is nothing more than a technological illusion created by machine monsters who harvest humans for energy. Feeling like fighting the oppressive powers that be? Join the resistance with Neo in these sleek shades.

 The Matrix

Jim Halo Artois-S Shades

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Lady Mary, Downton Abbey

Sci-fi action not your thing? How about channeling some old-world class with Lady Mary of Downton Abbey. In the 2019 feature film spinoff from the hit PBS series, the lovable residents of the Downton Abbey estate find themselves in the late 1920’s, an era of bob haircuts, flapper dresses, jazz, and rounded sunglasses. Chins up, pinkies out, and glasses on.

 Lady Mary

Jim Halo Albacete Shades 

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So which of these movie-worthy looks would you sport?

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