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Blue light glasses are gaining in popularity and as we wear them more and more they need to be clean to provide the best acuity possible. We will give you some expert cleaning tips for your computer glasses or blue light blocking glasses.


First of all, I'm going to tell you how to clean your computer glasses. Computer glasses are a type of blue light glasses that filter small amounts of blue light during the day. As their name suggests they are to be used while working on a computer and filter down on harmful blue light. These computer glasses typically do not have a tint applied to their lenses, instead they have blue light filtering technology applied to them or impregnated into the lens itself.

clean blue light glasses

The best way to clean these types of glasses is two methods. One is our preferred method make a warm bowl of water and dip your blue lights computer glasses into them and rub the lenses with a clean dish cloth. We like to have a warm water poured into a clean bowl for hygiene purposes then leave your glasses to dry for a few minutes and then drunk gently, rub them dry with the blue blocks cleaning cloth provided. Second method actually works very well at cleaning computer glasses itself but I have the caveat this involves chemicals which we're not too excited about. I personally don't like to use them, but if you want to use them it's totally up to you. Your optometrist will sell lens cleaning solution that could be sprayed onto your blue light computer glass lenses and then gently rubbed clean with the blue blocks cleaning cloth has been provided. This will probably give you a better result than option one.


Now let's get on to how to clean your blue light glasses. Now these will be either your summer glow yellow lenses from blue blocks or your red sleep Plus lenses from blue blocks chances. Are you already have a pair of the best polite glasses from blue blocks. But now you need to know how to clean those blue light glasses in order to properly care for them and allow them to last forever. Most blue light blocking glasses have lenses that have been tinted. This tint must be cared for and maintained in order for your blue light glasses to last a long time. There are two ways again to clean your blue light glasses. NO.1, run the tap or to a my American cousins the faucet on hot option until you see some light steam arise, place your blue light glasses near to the steam turning them around to ensure the lenses fog. Ah, don't put them directly under the hot water, that would not be a good idea. Turn off the tap faucet and then gently clean your blue light glasses with the blue blocks cleaning cloth provided. Do not use boiling water just light steam is required. NO. 2, make a warm bowl of water and dip your blue light glasses into them and rub the lenses. Clean with the dish cloth like we did with the blue light computer glasses. We like to have our own warm water poured it into a clean bowl again the hygiene purposes you don't want to be putting it in a bowl that's have food in it. Then leave your glasses to dry again for a few minutes and drop gently rub them dry with the blue block cleaning cloth provided. 


Either of the above methods work really well but for sterilization and hygiene purposes option one is always the preferred option. So in order to maintain the integrity of your blue light glasses from blue blocks and also your computer glasses from blue blocks. It's best to know how to clean these glasses properly, this will ensure that they last a long time and continued to protect your health optimally from the dangers of blue and green light.


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