Find your shape

What frame style is best for me?

Method 1 (based on your face shape)

  • Round Face Shape: you may choose rectangle, browline, and geometric frames.
  • Square Face Shape: you may choose round and oval glasses.
  • Oval Face Shape: you may choose almost any frame.
  • Diamond Face Shape: you may choose oval and browline glasses.
  • Heart Face Shape: you may choose square and aviator glasses.
  • Triangle Face Shape: you may choose browline and rectangle glasses.

All the recommendations bases on face shape are just suggestion to help you find the most flattering frames, you can also choose the one you like, that’s the most important factor for selecting the best frame.

Method 2 (not related to face shapes)

Step1. Consider your face width
The width of your face is the distance across your face from temple to temple. e.g. If I have a wide face, I need to wear wide glasses.
We print the frame width on the actual frames and include this size on the product pages. You can add up lens width and bridge width to get the frame width.
1).For narrow face width(115-127mm), you may choose narrow frames(118-128mm).
2).For medium face width(128-138mm), you may choose medium frames(129-139mm).
3).For wide face width(>140mm), you may choose wide frames(140-150mm).

Step2. Consider your face length
Face length is the distance from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin. If your face is about as long as its wide, you have a short face. If the length of your face is one and a half times the width of your face or more, you have a long face. e.g. If I have a long face, I need to wear tall frames.
You can find the lens height listed on the product page.
1). Short frames: lens height <36mm 2). Medium frames: lens height of 36-44mm 3). Tall frames: lens height > 44mm

Step3. Consider your facial features
Everybody’s face is made up of a bunch of lines. Some people have a round face and some have a chiseled jaw.
1). If you have extremely round features, you should avoid extremely round frames.
2). If you have extremely angular features you should avoid extremely angular frames.
3). If you have a mix of curvy and straight features, just find the right size glasses.