Jim Halo Just Launches April Sunglasses 2021

Jim Halo Just Launches April Sunglasses 2021

Jim Halo Just Launches April Sunglasses 2021

Jim Halo brings some new vibes to this April 2021 eyewear collection. We focus on rimless frames for this April and show a chic look and designer thoughts. We know that some of you are rimless shades lovers and many rimless shades are fond by stars and influencers. So that’s it! We gonna introduce two rimless shades in this article which create a charming and elegant look. Yep, they are also good for office lady look. Have a view at our new-in, and shop more spring 2021 eyewear at Jimhalo.com.


1. Trendy Rimless Sunglasses | Ashlee

Trendy Rimless Sunglasses | Ashlee

Trendy Rimless Sunglasses | Avi

That’s one of our favorites! This pair of sunglasses has somehow red wine vibes. Red wine colors, elegant frame, particular rimless design. If you are a wine-lover or elegant, you would love this pair. We got gradient gray in two different degrees, green and purple. All colors are rare and nice!

It is semi-frame designed with metal temples. The nose bridge and temples are all dedicated which you would fall in love with. Light colors are easy to wear for the coming Spring.

Not much in stock! Come and get your “wine-vibe” sunnies!


 2. Trendy Rimless Sunglasses | Avi

Trendy Rimless Sunglasses | AshleeTrendy Rimless Sunglasses | Ashlee

Similar to other sunnies in Jim Halo. This pair also gives a red wine vibe, but not as a stronger vibe as that one since the shape is somewhat more lovely! If you think it’s hard to “control” that pair. This one would be great!

Semi-rim frame and polygon shape add a sense of uniqueness. The colors of this pair are all well-chosen. Gradient gray, pink and purple. All in elegant vibes.

Why not get this pair as your equipment for the party?


If you are a rimless sunglasses lover, these two pairs would be good for your wardrobe!


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