3 Vision Problems We Face

3 Vision Problems We Face

3 Vision Problems We Face

In digital life, we may easily face problems like dry eyes, sensitivity to light, and eye floaters. On most occasions, these are not a big problem. However, we’d better know more about vision issues to avoid things being worse. Let’s move to the learning parts below.


1.Dry Eyes

It’s quite common to find us with dry eyes, and usually, we can use eye drops to make our eyes moisture. Dry eyes are often caused by not enough tear production or rapid evaporation.Dry Eyes

For slow tear production, it is usually caused by reasons, like side-effects because of medicine, tear glands damage, aging, etc.


In the wind or cold days, if you do not blink enough, there may be fast evaporation of your tears.


2. Sensitivity to Light

Some of us may be sensitive to bright light, especially on sunny days. What’s worse, if you have migraine headaches, you may feel even painful.Sensitivity to Light

Light sensitivity may be caused by several factors, like headache, some internal damage to the eyes, or trauma of your brain.


3.Eye Floaters

What are eye floaters? Usually, we call squiggly lines or some untransparent circles which move around our vision eye floaters. They may disturb our concentration when we want to focus on some specific things.

Eye Floaters

And how do eye floaters occur? We have vitreous humor in our eyes. When some fibers or cells come together in the vitreous humor there may cast a shadow onto our retina. That’s floaters.


By the end, what kind of symptom do you suffer from? In most cases, we can ignore the symptom, but once things become worse,  please go to the doctors immediately and find the solution. It reminds us to protect our eyes daily and do not overuse them.


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