Surround Sound System

Hear sounds around you transparently
Enjoy sounds wherever you go Authentic, natural sound Shop

Connected and Aware

Clearly hear when someone calls your name
Chat with friends while listening to music Shop


Relieve ear pressure and discomfort
Stay away from ear damage caused by loud volume
Allow your ears to rest while enjoying the life time Shop

Sense of security

Hear announcements and environmental sounds clearly while listening to music Shop

Interchangeable Frame

Interchangeable frames for endless possibilities.
Change styles in seconds Shop

Titanium alloy port

Pass tens of thousands of durability tests.
Sturdy and durable. Shop

Support Custom Lenses

Rx available for both eyeglasses and sunglasses
Add photochromic lenses to enjoy music indoors and outdoors
Protect your ears as well as eyes Shop

Smart Audio eyewear \

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1 year warranty

30-day money-back guarantee

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Applicable Scenarios

Working or meeting
Playing games
Working out

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Busking in the sun

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Usage Time


Music playing


Talk time


Standby time

Support Custom Lenses

Support sunglasses, prescription glasses (including single-vision, readers, bifocals and progressive/ADD), and photochromic lenses. You can also add premium lens functions as you like, like anti-blue light and oil-resistant.

What do the Lens Index numbers mean & Which one should I choose?

The Lens Index number (1.56, 1.61, 1.67) refers to the degree of refraction our lens provides. It indicates the thickness of lenses. The higher the index number, the thinner the lenses will be. When you fill in your prescription, we may have a recommendation of the lens index number based on your prescription, so you can take it as a reference.



Free Shipping

1 year warranty

30-day money-back guarantee

Customer service support


How to deal with the case if only one temple is connected?

You have to restore factory settings and pair 2 temples again. Please follow the steps below.

1. Long press the temples on both sides to turn off the device, and “forget the device” on the mobile.

2. Put the glasses on again. When you hear the “power on” sound, take off the glasses, and double-click the LOGO placed on the temples twice at the same time. Then you’ll find the red lights and blue lights flashing, and there will be two “Jimhalo” devices shown on your mobile device (please do not connect now).

3. After waiting for about 15 seconds, the two “Jimhalo” devices will be paired and become one. You can connect to the “Jimhalo” device on the mobile now.

What is the purpose of the button?

-Phone call mode
Double-click the touch area of the right temple to answer and end the call. Swipe forward or backward to reject the call.


-Voice assistant
Double-click the touch control area of the left temple to enable the smart phone voice assistant. For example Siri, Xiaoyi,Xiaoai,etc.

-Music mode
Left temple touch area, swipe forward: Volume +, swipe back: Volume-
Double-click the touch control area of the right temple to play and pause the music. Swipe forward to the next song, and swipe back to the previous song.

What apps work with Jim Halo smart audio glasses ?

Jim Halo smart audio glasses use Bluetooth connectivity, so any app in your mobile phone can work well with them

How many devices can pair with Jim Halo smart audio glasses at once?

They can be connected to one device at a time.

What is the range of the Bluetooth performance?

The Bluetooth connection can operate well at up to 30 ft (9.14 m). Note that the performance can be disturbed by Wi-Fi®, other wireless devices, and obstacles like metal, walls, etc.

Do Jim Halo smart audio glasses support Wi-Fi® or WiDi®?

No. The wireless connection is Bluetooth only.

What is the battery performance?

In the regular case, the battery lasts up to 6 hours of music playback. Battery performance may vary with the content and volume it is played.

Are Jim Halo smart glasses water and/or sweat resistant?

They’re IPX4 Water-Resistant(Splashproof, do not submerge in water).


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