Can We Wear Sunglasses All-Day-Long and on all Occasions?

Can We Wear Sunglasses All-Day-Long and on all Occasions?

Can We Wear Sunglasses All-Day-Long and on all Occasions?

Spring is coming soon!! The weather would be much better than the winter and there would be definitely more sunny days. Therefore, all types of shades would be back to our life again and be the most common accessory in Spring.

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However, do you know that there are some potential harms if we wear sunglasses in an incorrect way?

Some of us may wear sunglasses on all occasions and all-day-long, whether it’s outdoors or indoors. And some of us may even wear shades in the dusk or in the cinema. These behaviors may increase the burden on the eyes, cause tension in the eye muscles and blurred vision. In severe cases, symptoms such as dizziness and inability to see for a long time or symptoms such as numbness of the skin between the eye sockets and cheeks may occur. Some may even feel discomfort when breathing. All of these symptoms are caused by incorrect glasses for too long, especially glasses with wide sides, thick frames, and heavyweights. So if you have these symptoms, you’d better choose those lightweight glasses and suitable frames.

In addition, patients with glaucoma, senile cataracts, and obvious lens expansion should not wear sunglasses. Children under the age of 6 are not suitable for wearing sunglasses for a long time.ROUND SUNGLASSES

Different colors of lenses are also suitable for different light environments. For example, greenish sunglasses make the color transmittance curve of the lens closer to the natural curve of the eye. Therefore, the scene you see through the glasses will remain clear for a long time and they can reduce eye fatigue; brown lenses enhance visual acuity by increasing the contrast, and the visual effect is good in blurred vision, foggy or general gloomy weather. However, the blue, light yellow and pink lenses have weak anti-reflection ability so they are not suitable for wearing under strong light.

Do not forget to protect your eyes while being stylish! Tell the one who’s glasses lovers beside you. They should get to know the tips of wearing sunglasses correctly.


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