Can You Clean Eyeglasses with Alcohol or Disinfectant?

Can You Clean Eyeglasses with Alcohol or Disinfectant?

Can You Clean Eyeglasses with Alcohol or Disinfectant?

What we do nowadays is take precautions to get avoid any danger.

We wash our hands with handwashing fluid and clean our smartphones, shoes again and again. So there is also necessary to clean our eyeglasses from time to time.

how to clean eyeglasses

We may try to not touch our faces with unclean hands, but there is sometimes can’t be avoided because we have to make adjustments to eyeglasses sometimes. We may also touch our nose incidentally.


Can we use alcohol or disinfectant to clean our eyeglasses?

The answer is: No. Anything with alcohol and disinfectant might do harm to the lenses as well as frames. So here we’ll introduce a method to clean your eyeglasses in a more gentle way. Let’s do it by following the steps below.

clean eyeglasses

Step 1: Take your eyeglasses under the warm water with the height covering the frame and lenses completely.

clean eyeglasses with soap

clean eyeglassesStep 2: Get some soap on your hands and use your fingers to clean the lens and frame gently and carefully.

dry the eyeglasses

Step 3: Make your eyeglasses under warm water again and wash it carefully. Then take it out and dry it with a clean lens cloth. Be sure not to use paper towels, clothes, or something else to clean the lenses. They may do harm to the lens and hurt the coatings on the lenses.

eyeglasses clean

Once you don’t use the eyeglasses, make sure to keep in in the case so that it wouldn’t get in touch with something unclean.

Do you get the method of cleaning eyeglasses now? Come and have a try for your eyeglasses if you have already mastered the method.


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