Can Your Sunglasses Anti UV Rays?

Can Your Sunglasses Anti UV Rays?

Can Your Sunglasses Anti UV Rays?

Spring is coming, have you started wearing sunglasses? Want to know if your sunglasses anti UV rays?

In fact, the main function of the sunglasses in the jewelry store is decoration, and there is almost no effect of anti-radiation and anti-UV. If you wear such sunglasses outside, although some light is blocked, the ultraviolet rays will still be directed into your eyes.

The reason why sunglasses can anti UV rays is that the resin material and a special protective film which is introduced in the process. The cheap sunglasses lenses are mostly made of plexiglass or ordinary glass, and some children’s sunglasses are even made of ordinary plastic. In addition, the mirror surface of inferior sunglasses is not smooth and flat, which will change the optical performance of the eyes, thereby affecting vision.

Wearing low-quality sunglasses for a long time may cause blurred vision and decreased vision, and even cause corneal endothelial damage, solar keratitis and other eye diseases. When choosing sunglasses, the most fundamental thing is to ensure that your safety and vision would not be affected. It is very important to choose the right color and material. It is best to go to professional eyeglass shops or online eyeglasses stores instead of jewelry stores on the street when choosing a pair of anti-UV sunglasses.
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The following are some common lens material types of sunglasses.

PC lens: strong, not easy to break, impact-resistant, suitable for sports. However, due to poor abradability, the optical system is usually unstable, and it is not suitable for high humidity and heat applications.

Glass lens: The clarity is slightly higher than that of resin, but a good quality glass lens generally can only block 60% to 70% of harmful light, and it has a heavier texture, weak impact resistance, and is easy to break.

Resin lens: Resin is a chemical substance with a phenolic structure. It is light in weight, resistant to high temperatures, strong in impact resistance, and can effectively block ultraviolet rays. But the abradability is poor, and it is easy to scratch.

Nylon lens: It is made of nylon, with high elasticity, excellent optical quality, and strong impact resistance. It is usually used as a protective article.

Polarized lens: It refers to Polaroid. This kind of polarized lens can effectively filter out reflected light and harmful ultraviolet rays so that we can see things more clearly. And it has the function of anti-shatter, antiwear.

Therefore, in comprehensive consideration, polarized lenses made of lightweight and precise synthetic resin are relatively ideal choices for consumers.

Resin polarized lenses can be counted as safety lenses, which almost completely block ultraviolet rays below 350mm in wavelength, and the effect is far better than glass lenses. It is especially suitable for outdoor activities such as fishing, diving, sailing, hunting, and skiing.UV rays

How to identify whether it can anti UV rays?

  1. Prepare a banknote and find a banknote detector
  1. Illuminate the UV lamp to the watermark on the banknote first, and you can clearly see the number.
  1. Put the sunglasses between the ultraviolet light and the banknote. If the watermark can still be seen, it means that the sunglasses do not have the function of anti-ultraviolet rays. On the contrary, it means that the anti-ultraviolet function of the sunglasses is good.


Go and check if your sunglasses can anti UV rays now!


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