Do We Need to Carry Eyeglasses When Wearing Contacts?

Do We Need to Carry Eyeglasses When Wearing Contacts?

Do We Need to Carry Eyeglasses When Wearing Contacts?

It’s necessary for we to keep a pair of eyeglasses at hand even though we wear contacts usually. But why we should carry a pair of eyeglasses? Thus we will list three reasons here for the idea to own both eyeglasses and contacts.

choosing between contact lenses or glasses

1.Give a rest for your eyes

Since our eyes have to work all day long so they need relax like we do. Wearing contacts all day makes them no chance to breathe and relax.  But if we wear eyeglasses, there is one advantage, that is the lenses of eyeglasses will not touch your eyes so that they can make a breathe. Maybe we should consider to give our contacts one-day break per week.

wear eyeglasses

 2.During the embarrassing time when you can’t wear contacts

Life is unexpected. Sometimes our eyes will  get some injuries like scratch or infection. During these times, contact may make your eyes uncomfortable or make them more sensitive. So eyeglasses is often the first choice for these situations.

feel uncomfortable wearing contacts3.A good rescue when we suffer from Allergens Attack

When allergens attack your eyes, it really makes your eyeballs uncomfortable and become red or something else. If you have carried a pair of eyeglasses with you, you can take your contact down and wear eyeglasses immediately to see things clearly.

feel uncomfortable with contacts

Don’t leave your eyeglasses alone, they’ll be your best friends when you suffer from contacts sometimes.

eyeglasses on the case

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