Famous Frames: Glasses Our Favorite TV Characters Would Wear

TV Characters with glasses

Famous Frames: Glasses Our Favorite TV Characters Would Wear

We recently shared a post on sunglass inspiration drawn from some favorite movie characters, but let’s not leave out the many TV characters with glasses and their on-point style choices when it comes to eyewear. TV shows may not have as big of a screen as theatrical films, but their characters are just as enveloping and dynamic, and you can’t binge a movie like you can a good Netflix or Hulu series, am I right? So here’s a list of five TV characters to take inspiration from as you select your next pair of frames.


Miriam “Midge” Maisel, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Let’s start this list off strong with a retro-chic look from the fashion-forward tough broad from New York City, Midge Maisel. A product of the 1950’s, Midge’s fashion sense is the epitome of “trendy” in that era. Her wardrobe is composed of the latest dresses, hats, bags, and shoes. And while Midge may not require optical lenses, we know that these cateye frames would be her go-to choice based off of her sunglass preferences.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


Jess Day, New Girl

In New Girl’s prime, Zooey Deschanel made clumsy seem cute, nerdy look adorable, and weird feel positively unique through the character of Jessica Day. Jess’s thick bangs and chunky glasses created a signature “smart yet affable” look, and quirky never looked so good. Channel your Jess Day with these tortoiseshell frames, and don’t be afraid to embrace the nerd within. Jess Day, New Girl


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Leonard Hofstadter, The Big Bang Theory

Speaking of the inner nerd, let’s tip our hats (and our glasses) to unapologetic genius, Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) of The Big Bang Theory. Leonard and the rest of the Big Bang crew bring pride to geeks around the world who no longer want to mask their intelligence to fit in with those who can’t wrap their heads around the basics of experimental physics. But whether you’re a certified genius or not, we can all agree that Leonard’s choice in frames is spot on.Leonard Hofstadter, The Big Bang Theory

Luke Bankole, The Handmaid’s Tale

Luke may not be the lead role in this epic dystopian saga, but he sure does rock a pair of glasses that somehow manage to reflect his educated, warm, and protective personality. In a world where warped morals have been dictated to the masses and education and basic human rights have been taken away from women, Luke remains firm in his core beliefs and his devotion to his wife and daughter. And somehow his smart tortoiseshell frames only emphasize that.Luke Bankole, The Handmaid’s Tale

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Jacob Winograd, Undone

If you haven’t discovered Undone on Amazon Prime Video yet, you’re missing out on a visual, mind-bending, and emotional rollercoaster. Bob Odenkirk plays Jacob Winograd, a college professor who died right as he was on the cusp of making a groundbreaking discovery through his research. But Jacob remains a strong presence in his daughter’s life as he posthumously enlists her help in solving the mystery of his death. Apparently you still need optical lenses in the afterlife, and we’re okay with that if frames like these are available.

Jacob Winograd, Undone


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In conclusion, television characters often utilize glasses as a distinctive element to convey their image and personality traits. This fashion accessory has become an integral part of character development in visual storytelling, helping audiences better understand and relate to the individuals on screen. If you find yourself drawn to a particular pair worn by your favorite TV character, it’s now possible to bring that aesthetic into your own life. Jimhalo offers a wide array of stylish eyewear options that might include similar designs seen on screen. So, if you’re inspired by tv characters with glasses, don’t hesitate to explore Jimhalo’s collection to find a pair that matches your personal style and perhaps even connects you more deeply with the character you admire.