How Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Help You Sleep

How Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Help You Sleep

How Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Help You Sleep

Too much light at night makes it harder for you to fall asleep. Too much light at night means you toss and turn during the night and too much light at night means you wake up feeling tired and lethargic.difficult to fall asleep at night

Just here in my living room about 11:30 at night and I’m wearing these blue light blocking glasses because I’m about to have one of the best night’s sleep that I’ll ever have why because these glasses block that artificial light from TV screen lights, from your cellphones, from your iPads,from a computer screen.

A study from Harvard University found that people who use electronics before going to bed took longer to fall asleep. They had less deep REM sleep. That’s the really deep restorative sleep. It took them longer to wake up the following morning and they’re reported feeling sleepy and lethargic when they finally did wake up. What’s the reason? It’s because when light hits your brain at night time, yet your brain basically thinks that it’s daytime. So when your brain thinks it’s daytime, it’s not preparing itself for sleep, it’s not creating melatonin which of course helps you sleep at night they did this other study.

My sleep was really quite average, I mean, I was sleeping seven or eight hours, but I found it really hard to get to sleep and I was tossing and turning and when I woke up in the morning I wasn’t feeling energized, I was kind of like I was actually carrying a few extra pounds as well and I didn’t really realize that it was the blue light. It was too much light that I was being exposed to. When I finally discovered this, I bought a pair of anti-blue light glasses. I put these glasses on about two hours before I went to sleep, and you know what, my sleep improved dramatically. It was amazing! It blocked the blue light and I started to fall asleep.

Now I go out and people would say, “hey, I like your glasses, tell me about those”. So I get the benefit of blocking the blue light, which means I’m sleeping better and people are also saying “hey you look kind of cool”. Check out the collections at Jim Halo and many of type have already sold out. So if you want to grab a pair, now just click the link here.

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