How do Photochromic Lenses Work?

Photochromic lens

How do Photochromic Lenses Work?

As we know, photochromic lenses are a kind of lenses that can automatically darken under the sunlight, and it’s also known as transition lenses.

How do photochromic lenses work?

Do you guys know how they work? It’s the molecules in transition lenses that make the lenses darken. When they are exposed to sunlight, the light-adjusting technology function.

The chloride and silver halide molecules in the photochromic lenses will change their structure for a while when they absorb the UV rays from Sunlight. Therefore, when trillions of molecules make changes, the lenses will change from transparent to dark. That’s the process of eyeglasses turning into sunglasses.

photochromic lens changing process

How long do photochromic lenses change color?

With the development of technology, our photochromic lenses can change from transparent to dark in about 30 seconds. And the lenses also work when you move into indoors, they’ll change from dark into light in about 1-2 minutes.


What’s the lifespan of photochromic lenses?

Usually, the lifespan of photochromic glasses is about 2 or 3 years. If you find your photochromic lenses need a longer time to transition from transparent to dark, you need a new pair of transition glasses.


Where to get photochromic lenses?

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