How to avoid glasses fogging up when wearing a mask

How to avoid glasses fogging up when wearing a mask

How to avoid glasses fogging up when wearing a mask

All of our wishes is overcome Covid-19 this year. But during the period, we have to wear a mask while in public to avoid spreading Covid-19. When going to the grocery stores, supermarkets, and restaurants, masks are must-have now.

avoid fog up of glasses

We’ve made some simple tips to help those who wear glasses avoid glasses fogging up when wearing a mask.


-Be sure your mask is fitted your face well

When the air inside your mask escape, your glasses may easily fog up. For colder weather, the situation can be worse. Things can be better if you can get ahold of a pipe cleaner and make a DIY to add a piece to the top of the mask. Then the mask can be fitted well.


-Wash your glasses with soap before wearing it

Before wearing your glasses, you can wash them in soap water. And make sure to shake off all the soap water remaining.  After then, use the cleaning cloth to wipe it dry. It may do some help to reduce the fog possibility when wearing a mask.


-Adjust your glasses and mask in the proper position

You can make an adjustment of your mask a little lower to reduce the fog of your glasses. But if you have a high prescription, that might work since it may affect your eye vision. One thing please remember, do not touch your face, nose with dirty hands.

Do you get the three tips we taught today? Start to try today!


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