How to choose the color of sunglasses

How to choose the color of sunglasses

How to choose the color of sunglasses

Sunglasses, also called shades, are used for shading. People usually adjust the luminous flux by adjusting the size of their pupils in the sun. When the light intensity exceeds the adjustment ability of the human eyes, it will cause damage to the human eyes. Therefore, many people use sunglasses to block the sun and reduce the fatigue caused by eye adjustment or the damage caused by strong light stimulation when they are outdoors.


Those who like traveling would like to wear sunglasses to reduce the exposure of ultraviolet rays to the eyes. And as we know, sunglasses come in various colors. What color of sunglasses should we choose? Let us share the tips of sunglasses color choosing.


First comes the brown sunglasses. The brown sunglasses can fully absorb ultraviolet and infrared rays. The soft brown color can improve the clarity of vision and make the eyes comfortable, especially in dusty and foggy weather.Trendy Irregular Sunglasses | Regan

Trendy Irregular Sunglasses | Regan

For those who often drive or be outdoors, you can choose neutral color sunglasses, such as gray. The gray lens will weaken the light and show the true color of the object itself. It is the most ideal lens color.Trendy Square Sunglasses | Radomil

Trendy Square Sunglasses | Radomil

Green sunglasses are also a neutral color. Green sunglasses can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays, protect the eyes as well as make the eyes comfortable, but the green lenses will change the color of the objects seen by the eyes and affect the visual effect. But it’s good for some young friends who pursue fashion.Trendy IrregularSunglasses | Raymond

Trendy Irregular Sunglasses | Raymond

Silver sunglasses have a reflective silver coating on the lens. They are sunglasses that can reflect strong sunlight and are especially suitable for wearing on snow or outdoors when suffering from strong sunlight.Trendy Irregular Sunglasses | Raymond

Trendy Irregular Sunglasses | Raymond

Yellow sunglasses are also a good choice. Yellow sunglasses can not only fully absorb ultraviolet rays, but also absorb the blue light emitted by sunlight. After eliminating the blue light, the vision will be clearer. It is the best choice for hunting under strong light.


Red and blue colored lenses are not effective in protecting the eyes. The red lens has a poor blocking effect while blue lenses will cause blue light to irritate the eyes. It is not recommended for you to wear them when having strong sunlight, but these two colors of glasses can be used as decorations.


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