How to Know Glasses Size?

How to Know Glasses Size?

How to Know Glasses Size?

Shopping online becomes a really normal and usual thing, so do glasses online shopping. However, some people may have the same concern as I do. Are you worry about how to know the glasses size and which size of frames fit you? Usually, when the eye exam done, your doctor will know the measurements and give you some advise on glasses choice.

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Once we got the advise on options, we can go shopping online! Online shopping may have more choices for all kinds of frames ( much more than the local glasses store). I love online shopping, cheap and more choices. But there is one thing, how can I know the glasses size when I shop online?


(Wait, wait…) I will teach you how to know the glasses size. If you’re wearing glasses now, take it down and find the information on the glasses, usually it is printed on the inside part on the temple. Yes, you can find some numbers, like this: 57 16 145 or 57-16-145.

size on temple

size on temple

But what does these numbers mean? Don’t worry, I will teach you below about how to read glasses size. Once you learn, you can know what size to choose when shopping online since you can get these number information in their product introduction usually.


Look the product information below, here is the glasses size which consist of three parts: width of lens, nose girder spacing and leg length.

glasses size

  1. Width of lens: mostly between 40-62
  2. Nose girder spacing: mostly between14-24
  3. Leg length: mostly between 130-160



OK, do your guys know how to read the glasses size now? Start to shop for your perfect glasses when you’re ready!

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