How to polish scratches on your glasses

How to polish scratches on your glasses

How to polish scratches on your glasses

Today I will teach you how to polish scratches on the glasses. I’ll go through the steps of polishing out these lenses.

First I’m gonna go ahead and remove the lens. Just push on one end and give a pull and the lens will start to snap out in order to get these big scratches off and this coating I’m gonna take some 1200 grit sandpaper. I wouldn’t go any coarser than this, the 1200 grit is really fine and it will take out these big scratches and get the coating off at this step.

In the process, we’re gonna use a little bit of water to make sure it cleans all the debris off this as we polish. Just take your time and work it off check every once in a while look for scratches and try to work the entire surface of the lens. I feel it’s pretty consistent when you push it into the palm of your hand. Now when we dry it all off you’re gonna see that the scratches are a lot less but there’s a little bit of a haze over the lens. If you hold it in the light, you can see there are far fewer scratches on this lens. It seems like the outside of the lens,but it usually has the deepest scratches, so work that until there’s no scratches left. if you want the sandpaper to work more aggressive use a little less water when you look at the lens, you’ll be able to see the small plastic particles building up.scratches on the lenses

If you compare this lens to the other lens, it’s a lot cleaner but it still has that haze over it.

Toothpaste has a very fine abrasive and you can use that to start to get this haze off. As you work with the toothpaste, you’ll be able to feel this fine abrasion and you can start to see it’s a little less cloudy. If you see some small scratches on the back, you can take the 1200 grit sandpaper and start to work those scratches out then back with the toothpaste just keep some water on the toothpaste to keep everything workable. If you want the toothpaste to work a little more aggressive, use a little less water.

When the lens is dry, you can take some of this 3000 grit sandpaper and I’m just gonna rub the lens on this just keep the pressure even and consistent and you’ll see those little scratches start to disappear. Even with a 3,000 grit sandpaper, you’re still gonna see a little bit of haze now.

grit sandpaper

I’m gonna take some color back from Turtle Wax and I’m just going to put this on it has a little bit of wax and has some polishes in it and I’m sure that there’s other polishes that you would be able to use. But this is what I have handy so I just keep working this polish into the lens and then take a cotton cloth and start to polish it off.

Now you can put the lens back into the glasses and keep polishing. You can see a big difference. You’ll be really glad to have that old coating off and things polished up again. I would also recommend using an old pair of glasses to learn how to do this.


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