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How to earn points?

Registering as a user/customer 10 points
After completing first order 10 points
Purchasing products $1USD spend = 1 point
Leaving a review on trustpilot 150 points
Actual payments over $100 Earn extra 20 points on top of the regular amount
Leaving a selfie photo review Earn extra 150 points on top of the regular amount

Other Rewards:

  • Follow our instagram@jimhaloeyewear/tiktok@jimhalo to get 10 points each(only once for the whole time);
  • Publish post or video on instagram/tiktok/reddit to get 200 points(can be repeated reward);
  • Leave a review on our Facebook page to get 50 points(only once reward for each year)

*For these rewards,pls write us an email at [email protected] or DM us on instagram/Facebook with your link or screenshot.

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1. Every 10 points=US $1, the purchase value determines the number of points.
2. You can redeem the points on your next purchase.

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10 points


200 points


500 points

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How to use my points?

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