Stop wearing poor quality sunglasses

Stop wearing poor quality sunglasses

Stop wearing poor quality sunglasses

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Sunglasses are a fashion item for us, even if an ordinary person wears them, they will become a fashion trendsetter in seconds. There are many different styles of them, and the quality varies.But many people may not know that poor quality sunglasses can make people’s eyesight deteriorate. Today’s blog lets us understand the difference between poor quality and regular sunglasses.

The Difference

  1. Ultraviolet light

Both quality sunglasses and poor quality ones have the function of darkening the intensity of the light outside. But one thing that must be known is that darkening the light is not the same as blocking UV rays. Some sunglasses can also reduce the degree of blinding, but can not block UV rays.
Ultraviolet rays are sun rays with wavelengths between 200nm and 380nm, so any lens that can block light exposure at wavelengths above 380nm can effectively protect against UV rays. A more common indicator is “UV400. If the regular brand, and the “UV400” logo, then sunglasses UV protection is not a problem.
  1. Sunglasses Design differences

High-grade sunglasses will have a designer’s unique design, in the shape, with, fashion degree above will reflect their own style, materials mostly titanium alloy or pure titanium, Z titanium, EX titanium, etc.. Wearing will be lighter, more comfortable and natural. And it is not easy to lose paint and deformation. Lenses will use PC, reinforced glass, nylon and other materials, imaging better, more durable.
And poor quality ones, many do not have their own design, the material will use cheap materials, less durable.

The harm of poor quality sunglasses

Some people may ask, although they are poor quality sunglasses, it is better than not wearing them, right? At least it’s better than exposing your eyes to direct UV rays. Wrong! If they are of substandard quality, it’s really better not to wear them.
The reasons for this are twofold:
  1. permanent injury to the eyes. Wear sunglasses, the light becomes darker, so the human pupil is increased, but because yours can not block ultraviolet rays, that is equal to a large number of ultraviolet intake grown pupils, which is more than not wear but also hurt the eyes! And UV damage to the eyes is cumulative and irreversible.
  1. Harm to eyesight. This is mainly a matter of workmanship. General glasses, whether sunglasses or other glasses, there are reasonable optical indicators design, including spherical degree, prism degree, etc., if the design is not reasonable, easy to see deformation, causing double eye fatigue, long-term down will vision loss. Good sunglasses, in the function of complete UV protection to reduce UV damage to the eyes; in the optical to reduce visual deformation, to protect vision; in the wear comfortable, sturdy.
So, to protect our eyes from the scorching sun, pick cool sunglasses for yourself when summer comes.At the end of the day, I hope you can all pick a pair of them that suit you.