Style Spotlight: Polygon Rx Glasses

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Style Spotlight: Polygon Rx Glasses

Style Spotlight: Polygon Rx Glasses

Looking for a way to spice up your style without overhauling your entire wardrobe? Before you spend hours trying on new sweaters, shirts, pants, and skirts, consider testing out a new pair of optical frames – and better yet, have them delivered right to your door. Updating your eyewear is a simple and fun way to instantly upgrade your look without breaking the bank.


This week we’re spotlighting a newer trend in eyewear: the polygon frame. If you haven’t seen it around yet, you will soon. This fresh style brings a sharp and modern look to the classic circular or rectangular frame. Jim Halo’s collection of polygon designs features styles with both rounded and sharp edges on both rectangular and circular frames, so you can find a look that suits your preference. Just one question remains: How “edgy” are you?


Check out a selection of our featured polygon frames below, and look through our full collection of optical frames for even more polygon styles.


Style: Andy

Colors: Black, Clear, Translucent Gray, Translucent Pink

jim halo rx glasses


Style: Arelate

Colors: Gold, Silver

rx glasses



Style: Bruce

Colors: Black, Translucent Gray, Multicolor

Polygon Rx Glasses



Style: Boyce

Colors: Black & Gold, Black & Silver

Polygon Glasses Fram



Style: Byron

Colors: Black, Red, Navy Blue

Glasses Frams



Style: Bess

Colors: Black & Gold, Black & Silver, Navy Blue & Silver

Polygon Glasses Frams