What are Computer Glasses?

What are Computer Glasses?

What are Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses become more popular these years since we spend lots of time browsing with all kinds of screens.

What are computer glasses?

This is a kind of glasses specially made for browsing all kinds of screens, like tablets, laptops, computers and smartphones. We may feel focusing stress when looking at the screens all day long, so wearing computer glasses can reduce digital eye strain. Besides, we can add blue light lenses to block the harmful blue light emitted from the screens as well.

But remember that they’re mainly designed for looking near distance. Thus, they’re not a good choice for driving, sports, or other purposes.

The harm of focusing on screens

We may have the same feeling that if we browse or focus on the screens for too long, we’ll have the following symptoms: blurry vision, headache, eye strain, red eyes, dry eyes, etc..

Spending a long time staring at a near-glowing screen will cause fatigue and eye strain of the ciliary muscle inside the eye. The ciliary muscle is on duty for the focusing power of the eye as well as the shape of the lens. It also makes the extraocular muscles beside our eyes tired, which adds to our feeling of discomfort.

The harm of focusing on screens

The benefits of wearing computer glasses

Computer glasses can reduce our eye fatigue and computer glasses with anti-blue light coating can block your eyes from blue light from screens, which is harmful to our cells in the retina.

How computer glasses work

If you wear computer glasses, your eyes don’t need to use the same efforts to focus on digital devices like not wearing computer glasses. They reduce the focusing efforts your eyes must do. In this way, it benefits all people, especially people with age over 40. When we’re 40+, some of us may begin to have the symptoms of presbyopia. Except for all the functions we mentioned above, computer glasses should also work like normal prescription lenses, whether you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.

Where to get computer glasses

The most important thing is to have an accurate prescription, so please go to the eye exam first and update your prescription information. Then, whether you go to your eye doctor, eyeglasses store, or online shop to buy glasses is all good.


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