What blue light does to your eyes?

What blue light does to your eyes?

What blue light does to your eyes?

According to the statistic, people spend about 11 hours using digital devices per day. You may doubt the number. But when we add up all the time of using mobile phone, computer, TV and other electronics together, that’s right.

using digital devices

It is indicated that technology occupies about  69% of our day whenever we are work or play.

using digital devices

Focus on the screens all day will do harm to our bodies without any doubt, especially to our eyes.


We live in a world where we expose to blue light, like the light emitted from the LED products and digital devices. And the most large part of blue light is from the sun. So, today we’ll teach you how to get avoid from blue light in our daily life.


-What is blue light?

Blue light has a short wave length which has high energy and harmful effect. When we expose to blue light for a long time, our eyes may feel uncomfortable.

What is blue light


-Why should we reduce blue light exposure?

When the blue light passes through the lens of our eyes, it will scatter which will make your eyes can’t focus on. And in this situation, your eyes should work really hard to make up. It will cause fatigue and eye strain finally.

fatigue and eye strain

-How to get rid of eye strain and fatigue?

There is no way to get rid of all the blue light exposure, but we can wear blue light glasses to filter blue light and in this way, we can reduce our fatigue and eye strain in the work and study.

wear blue light glasses

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