What? Sleeplessness Will Cause Vision Problems.

What? Sleeplessness Will Cause Vision Problems.

What? Sleeplessness Will Cause Vision Problems.

It happens to everyone: After one night work or reading books for the babies to get them sleep, we find us so tired and find ourselves a dull, absent look when we look in the mirror. We often choose to ignore this kind of tiredness. But what’s the truth? A lack of sleep may cause problems for our eyes:


1.Dry eyes

Dry eyes is a universal symptom of lacking of enough sleep. By getting into sleep and keep our eyes closed can give our eyes some hours to relax, in this process, they can maintain their moisturizing situation. If you don’t do as they “required”, they’ll teach you a lesson.

Dry eyes

2.Blurry vision

Not having enough sleep may also cause blurry vision. This symptom is even more annoying. We’re easily to reduce blink frequency when we focus on working. What we don’t know is that this may cause blurry vision as said by a report from an Australian government website. If you’re suffering from this symptom frequently, you’d better go to the doctors to protect your eyes.

Blurry vision

3.Sensitivity to light

When you find yourselves get aversion to light because your eyes squint in normal daylight, it is also a obvious symptom of eye fatigue. Take care and relax your eyes from time to time.

Sensitivity to light

4.Eye Spasms

Sleeplessness may develop into eye spasms. As we know, our eye movements are managed by other active muscles. If they work too much, they’ll “lose their rhythm”.

Eye Spasms

5.Bags under the eyes

No one likes dark undereye circles, especially girls. When there is too much fluid under the eye, bags may come. It has the closely association with sleeplessness. It is suggested that we should have 7-9 hours of sleep daily.

dark undereye circles

Our eyes can bear occasional burden,but we should know that long-time sleeplessness may cause severe problems. So we’d better take care of our eyes and make sure they can get enough “sleep”.


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