Will COVID-19 Coronavirus Affect My Glasses Order?

Will COVID-19 Coronavirus Affect My Glasses Order?

Will COVID-19 Coronavirus Affect My Glasses Order?

COVID-19 Coronavirus,everyone is concerned.Recently, many sellers ask us, are you safe? Does the virus affect you? Are our sunglasses or blue light glasses imported from overseas safe? When do you start reopening? and so on, this article will focus on answering these questions.


1,China Coronavirus is still spreading, Is China safe?

 Since March 16. 2020, The number of COVID-19 in China has been kept at zero
The COVID-19 Coronvirusa infection is concentrated in Wuhan City. The government has taken strong measures and the situation has clearly improved.Houses, streets, areas, cities are isolated from each other, and virus transmission is blocked.Our supply chain not in Wuhan city, So we are safe , and our city is safe too.We believe China can efficiently resolve this virus incident.


2, Are the products from China safe?



YES,products are safe.you don’t need to worry about the safety of the products from China.

The World Health Organization has confirmed that the packages from China are safe, the coronaviruses don’t survive on objects.


3, Why choose JIM HALO?

JIM HALO team are working now , we can pack and send them to you in a short time.

We have prepared more than 3000 different styles in stock,Including all trendy sunglassesblue light glasseseyeglasses, etc.
JIM HALO supply chain disinfection

How do you ensure the glasses are safe?

JIM HALO supply chain team developed a comprehensive COVID-19 protection scheme, including personal protection, glasses protection

View JIM HALO supply chain team of virus protection pictures