Do You Use Dark Mode and Is It Helpful For Your Eyes?

Do You Use Dark Mode and Is It Helpful For Your Eyes?

Do You Use Dark Mode and Is It Helpful For Your Eyes?

Does anyone care about the inverted colors from your digital devices, like your smartphones? Dark mode has become even more popular during these years.

What is the dark mode? Dark mode turns the dark text into the light color text and then turns the white background into a black or dark background. All the images with a transparent background will fit to the dark background automatically.

dark mode smart phone

But is this really work for your eyes? Is this helpful?


-What’s are the benefits of the dark mode?

Actually, no. Though the dark mode may look more modern and cool, it is not proved yet that it can do benefits like reducing eye strain. Some users may think that the dark mode can preserve the battery. However, this may only be useful when using OLED displays.


-Is the dark mode helpful for your eyes?

As we have talked about before, there is no exact evidence to prove that the dark mode is helpful. But when related to some experience, when we lying on the bed and browse our phones, we may find the dark mode is even darker than regular text, it may improve our comfort when using phones. Yep, this will also reduce the squinting.


-Is the dark mode good or not?

There is no answer to this question. If you have astigmatism, you’re not really suitable for using dark mode. It will be harder for you to focus on your content.

is dark mode useful

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