Dry or Red Eyes? Winter Vibes Cannot be Bothered

Dry or Red Eyes? Winter Vibes Cannot be Bothered

Dry or Red Eyes? Winter Vibes Cannot be Bothered

Snow, oversized coat, all the lights in the street are my favorites. But there is one thing that sometimes annoys me, that is, allergies.

Stay away from Ragweed and don’t let them ruin your winter vibes. Today, we’ll introduce some tips for you to take care of your eyes this season.

1. Maintain hydration of your eyes

Allergies will make your eyes dry, so you’d better use artificial tears to hydrate your eyes from time to time. If there’s any dust on your eyes, it will help flush them out and make your eyes clear and comfortable.


2. Use daily disposables

If you don’t want to soak it after one day, it would be a good idea to wear daily disposables. Make sure to wear clean contacts every day. This easy step will make you feel fresh all day long.

Use daily disposables

(Original pic: from gokaroo)

3. Rub eyes isn’t a good habit

Don’t often rub your eyes, it will cause the allergens to move around and then irritate your eyes. Sometimes, your contacts might be folded or move around when you rub. And remember to keep your hands clean when touching your eyes or contacts.

Rub eyes

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4. Wear eyeglasses

Wearing a pair of fashionable eyeglasses can match the winter vibes very well. Imagining you wearing an oversized sweater, a pair of eyeglasses with texture will add a sense of art. Meanwhile, it is a good barrier for eye protection.

Polygon Metal Eyeglasses | Bononia

Follow our steps to take care of your eyes and get away from allergies. Then you can enjoy the lovely winter well!


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