How to Start an Effortless Spring Style

How to Start an Effortless Spring Style

How to Start an Effortless Spring Style

Are you ready for 2021 Spring fashion and style?! I love Spring soooo much since it really looks like a fresh and new beginning. The coming of spring is a good chance to fully check out our wardrobe and accessories to find the things which we’re tired of and not stylish anymore. YES! It’s time to store them and give up!


The essentials of Spring fashion are simple but effective. If we get the right pieces, then we can get the endless outfit look in Spring.


It’s a season to find some sunglasses to match the Spring outfits and also to prevent some sunlight. Meanwhile, glasses frame are also good for some outfits and can protect your eyes if you got blue light lenses.


I’m starting with these vintage sunglasses. Vintage sunnies are really hot these two years! If you don’t get a pair last year, it’s time to get one now. This picture is from @julia.tric (IG). She paired these vintage glasses from Jim Halo with a simple white neck top, a lace wine-red velvet sling, classical jeans, and a big wine-red handbag to match the glasses and sling well. A vintage and elegant look would be great when you go the street and really easy to attract others.Trendy Irregular Sunglasses | Ruby

Trendy Irregular Sunglasses | Ruby

Totally different from the former one, if you like oversized frames, that would be your choice! This picture is from @bribri.jpg (IG). She’s wearing more like a personalized and outgoing girl. For this outfit look, she wears a pair of big frame #Queen from Jim Halo. To match such a casual look, she chooses an oversized stripe shirt in dark color and a short white tank top and ripped jeans to add a sense of casual. If you are also a big frame lover, this outfit can be a good reference

.One-Piece Mask Sunglasses | Queen

One-Piece Mask Sunglasses | Queen

For this one, I would not talk too much about the outfit match but focus on the glasses themselves. Well, an oversized pure suit or grid suit can be no wrong for this season. You can match your dress, T-shirt, jeans and others super easily. But this pair of polygon sunglasses from Jim Halo cannot be found easily. Have you ever find a pair of white but good design sunglasses yet? The answer may be No for most of you. The color and design of this pair are really rare. White browline design with light blue lenses. It really enhances the look in the Spring. And the light lenses are good for the Spring season, not too dark makes you dull, and somehow prevents sunlight. If you don’t want to get a pair like others, this would be an unusual one to make you different and of good taste.Trendy Polygon Sunglasses | Rida

Trendy Polygon Sunglasses | Rida

OK, I have already talked about some sunglasses for the Spring look. Let’s move to another topic – glasses frame or blue light glasses. Some of you may go outside to enjoy Spring views while someone has to stay at home working or writing. This picture is from @ashleygiov (IG). She spends much time writing on the laptops so she gets a pair of blue light glasses from Jim Halo. In fact, she gets two. But here we talk about cat eye glasses only. Cat eye glasses are super cute for girls, and if you choose blue light lenses(for blue light lenses, it’s free in our shop and no need for extra fees), it would block harmful blue light from screens. Ashley wears a sexy and well-designed dress to match this pair which fully demonstrates her femininity. If you want to look cute or feminine, this pair can be added to your wish list!Cat Eye Blue Light Glasses | Sandra

Cat Eye Blue Light Glasses | Sandra

I have talked soooo much today, you can make your choice by yourselves from now! Spring is coming soon, don’t consider too much, otherwise, you’ll still be of confusion again next Spring!


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