Makeup Tips with Glasses

Makeup Tips with Glasses

Makeup Tips with Glasses

Today I’ll be sharing with you guys the highly requested glasses makeup look that I’ve been rocking with my new frames. Jim Halo is an online glasses store that you can go to and handle all types of glasses including sunglasses, blue light glasses and prescription lenses based on your needs.

Let’s get into the makeup tutorial. Starting off with a clean face. I’m priming my skin with the Marc Jacobs coconut primer and I love this one. It’s super super hydrating and it keeps my makeup on all day long and also helps my oils stay at bay which I really really need because I have oily skin.

On top of that I’m using my tacha soap canvas on any of my more porous areas and t-zone to kind of just blur out my skin and make it look super nice for foundation. And today I’m using my new one from Lancome. I love this foundation, especially in one of my glasses, because it does not budge. Whatsoever it’s my current favorite foundation because I have oily skin and it tends to slip and slide no matter what I use especially when I wear my glasses. Because little nose things like rubbing on my nose, my makeup may looks really bad. So I highly recommend any of the products I’m using today specifically when I wear my glasses. Because it’s so easy to splurge my makeup

Anyway, I’m also spot concealing right here with the new fancy concealer. I am a huge fan of it and on top of that I’m using it their new powder. Okay I’m applying this directly onto my nose and under my eyes a lot. I’m kind of just layering up the powder and what I love about this powder is that it does not look cakey no matter how much I put on. That is perfect for on my nose area, because I don’t want it to smudge or anything and it looks perfect throughout the whole entire day.

I’ll be filling in my eyebrows as well. Because when you wear your glasses, it’s kind of framing your eyes but you need something on the outside of your glasses as well. It’s kind of just draw the attention elsewhere so it doesn’t look like you’re just wearing like circles on your face. Whatever shape your glasses are, I like to fill my eyebrows a little darker when I’m wearing my glasses so that it looks more put together on my face. And here use brow products to fill it in with my natural shape just a little bit darker than usual. I just brush all my brow hairs up and it makes sure they’re all team I don’t conceal anything anymore. Because I kind of like this more natural brow look but it’s just slightly deeper on the end which i think looks really good with glasses.

Then for the rest of my face makeup, I’m going to be a bronzing up my face per usual and I kind of just I don’t like sculpt my face. I love the warmth of a bronzer so that’s what I’m doing and then I’m brushing it on my nose to give it a bit of contour, not too much. And then, of course, I’m going in with some blush and I currently love a little bit of color. My everyday makeup look this part, it’s nothing too special. The only thing different is the highlighter I’ve been using Nastasia and breezy, brushing it on my face per usual and also on my nose and in my inner eye corners. I always do that, and it also helps my glasses just to bring some more brightness to the eyes through the lens.

Then to start off the eye makeup, I’m applying some mascara off camera but here is the most important part to me. It is the eye liner in here I’m just using a simple brown pencil liner, but I’m doing a more winged extended look a little longer than I would usually do winged eyeliner but I feel like this is the most important part for me, because without eyeliner or without any eye makeup when I wear my glasses, my eyes look smaller or they look a little hidden behind the lens. So I always do a bit of a more dramatic eyeliner look to make my eyes bigger or brighter. I also applied a little bit of eyeliner on my lower lash line and pop on some lashes and these ones do not touch the lens on your glasses which is a must. Because that can get really really annoying, but anyway I’m doing it now.

My lips, the final touch. I am either usually going for a bright kind of red peachy look or I’m going with a simple nude like my everyday makeup.

Any of these combos are what I usually go for because it just makes me feel more confident and that completes my daily makeup for glasses.

That’s all for today, hope to share more beauty tips with you guys next time.


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