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Blue blocker Rx lenses ( power -0.25~ -3.50) +$30.00
Blue blocker Rx lenses ( power -3.50~ -7.0) +$50.00
Blue blocker Rx lenses ( power -7.0 or higher) +$90.00
* Please select correct lens option before entering your prescriptions

*Sorry, progressive, bifocal and distance vision lens are unavailable at


Note: If you choose more than 1 pair of frames and you need prescription lenses for all of them, make sure you order the same number of prescriptions on this page since each lens charges. (If you only need a prescription for one of them, just make a note when you order)

How to Make the Order of Prescription Glasses

How to Make the Order of Prescription GlassesHow to Make the Order of Prescription Glasses

How to Read Your PrescriptionHow to read prescription
1. SPH: nearsighted [indicated with a minus (-)]
            farsighted [indicated with a plus (+)]

2. CYL and AXIS (appear in pairs): correct for astigmatism.

3. PD measurement : the distance between your pupils.
    If your doctor does not provide your PD, you can measure it yourself with our guide.

(1) Astigmatism less than 75 degrees should be ignored;
(2) You'd better go to the ophthalmology hospital for optics since computer optometry may have errors.
(3) We do not provide service for progressive addition lenses.

Method of PD measurementMethod of PD measurement
1. Stand about 20 cm away from a mirror with your face parallel to the mirror. Hold the ruler below your eyes, keeping it exactly horizontal.

2. Align the ruler's zero (0) measurement to the center of your left pupil, then check the position of the center of the pupil of the left eye and zero (0) measurement with both eyes. After that, you can look at the right eye with both eyes, and read the millimeter line under the center of the pupil of the right eye. This is your PD measurement.

3. Repeat these steps at least 3 times to get an accurate and consistent measurement.

About Shipping

We strive to deliver your glasses as soon as possible, so please make sure to enter the correct address and include all required information. 

Handling Time

For sunglasses and normal prescription glasses, the estimated timeline for processing your order is 2 business days.

If your prescription is a multi-focus prescription lens, it may take up to 4 business days for us to process and ship your order.

If you make an order of custom glasses, it may take around 3 business days (after getting check email from you) for us to customize the glasses and ship your order.



You can track your order via the order fulfillment notification email we send you upon purchase. Click here and enter the tracking number provided in your confirmation email.


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